Maintenance Tips

Is the light output of your fittings starting to look dim. The shutters are sticking, basicly the fitting is not working like it did when you removed it from the carton, a brand new gleaming lantern.
Well it is time to clean the fitting and go over it and fix all of those niggly faults.
first of all give the outside a clean. Inspect the power cable and plug for any damage. Check the lantern body for any damage. Any damaged control knobs etc should be replaced.
Now it is time to open up the unit, taking particular care not to loose any screws, nuts etc. Also you should try and remember how it comes apart as you are going to want to put it back together.Blow out any dust.Gently clean all the lenses with a lint free cloth and maybe a little bit of window cleaner. Use the lint free cloth to clean any dust of the reflector, being mindful of not touch the lamp. Lubricate the shutters if there are any, graphite powder is ideal. Check all the internal electricals to make sure they are sound.
When all is clean and put back together you should have no parts left over. It is time to test the unit, there should be a noticeable improvement of the beam quality and it should all be working like a charm.Profile Being Serviced


One thought on “Maintenance Tips

  1. Be very careful not to put too much graphite in – otherwise you’ll just be cleaning it again soon. Try applying the graphite by rubbing the job with a pencil – you won’t over apply it or spill it then. To help carry the graphite into tight spots, a drop of WD40 will help. It will evaporate or burn off but by then the graphite has been carried into all corners of the job.

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