FAL 1000w Fresnel

Fal fresnels are a lightweight, low cost alternative to the mainstream manufacturers. The 100w units weigh just over 6kg. The one really nice feature is the focus mechanism, instead of a slide knob this fitting uses a similar threaded rod like the old Strand P743. This is much kinder on the lamps, as there is less chance of jarring the filament and blowing the bulb. There is a built attachment point for a safety wire. It has a hingable lamp tray on the bottom, this is good if you hare changing lamps from a ladder but could be a bit awkward if you are reaching down from overhead position. The light output is pretty reasonable considering the pricepoint. The beam angle varies from 10 degrees to 53 degrees. There is the conventional tilt adjustment know on the side. The is a problem with this is once the lamp has been running for a while the stirrup seems to almost weld itself to the body. It is quite a struggle to release it so you can tilt the lantern. This could be due to the paint that is used. But it is a problem that the manufacturer needs to overcome. You can get barndoors for this lantern, but these are not that good. On the ones that we brought the barndoors are lose and the doors fell off on a couple of the units. This could be rather nasty if the unit is above someones head. Overall the unit is ok. But it could be better with better quality control in the factory.

I give a 5/10 score


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