Kupo MultiPar

I have recently been using the Kupo MultiPar fitting. I am quite impressed with this product.The Kupo MultiPar is a well made fitting.  It feels solid in the hand, but is certainly heavier than the parcan that it is replacing.

Its basic specifications are:

  • LAMP 575 HPL/600W GKV, Socket G9.5 colour temperature 3200K-life 300 hours / manufacturer ratings).
  • OPTICS High efficiency aluminium reflector and enhanced coating. Four different lenses included: Very Narrow spot 15º, Narrow spot 19º, Medium flood 21º x 51º.
  • BARNDOOR Optional 4 leaf barndoor.
  • COLOUR FRAME Filter frame with spring clip for easy filter change.
  • VENTILATION Construction assisted convection cooling. BODY Fused aluminium. Metal parts have epoxy paint finish. Easy access to lamp and main components. Protection IP 20.
  • DIMENSIONS: 270mm L x 260mm W x 295mm H (included bracket) Weight 3.5 Kg.

In use this is a very nice lantern to use. The colour frame is nicely secured. The light output is very nice. With the changable lens you can light any part of the stage easierly and evenly. The zoom function on on the HOG version is a nice touch. It is certainly safer to use compared to the old PAr 64’s. It takes up lesss space. But you do need to take into consideration the extra weight in the rigging. The lens changing is a bit fiddly, but after a while you will get use to it. The only real problem, and it is minor, is the tilt function. You loosen the tri-wheel on the stirrup to tilt the unit and it seems to be a bit sticky. This can be a bit of a problem when up a ladder. it requires a bit of force to get the fitting moving. I think it could be the epoxy paint that might be causing it to stick. Maybe over time it will become less of a problem.

Overall I think this is quite a good fitting for the price. I am pleasantly surprised with the finish and the light quality.

I would give it a 8/10


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