Audiences Again

How often have you been to a show only to have it spoilt by other members in the audience. Audiences seem to have many noisy distractions. There are mobile phones, cameras, videos, noisy food packets. But the worst is noisy children. How many times have you sat through an event that has a screaming child in the audience. And it seems that the parent is blissfully unaware of the noise as the rest of the audience cringe at the sound and struggle to hear what is happening. I have recently worked on several presentation type events and there is a distinct lack of concern from some parents about the noise thier child is making. It may be up to the venue to have some guidlines for audiences as they enter the venue. And the client hiring the venue may also need guidlines. We all need to re-educate our audiences, so all people get to enjoy the entertainment.


One thought on “Audiences Again

  1. I agree!

    The amount of times I have wanted to get up from an OP and go and tell a parent to remove their kid, tell a woman sitting in the FRONT ROW of THEATRE IN THE ROUND to GET OFF HER PHONE! is astounding.

    Maybe we should just put people through a test before allowing them into the lobby. An IQ test would surfice!

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