Looking after Lighting Desks

Well you have spent a small fortune buying that new lighting desk, that take pride of place in your bio box. Now what do you do after reading the manual and spending hours learning all of its functions? Well now is the time to think about making your investment last for many years, you are not likely to get the oppurtunity to replace your desk every few years. So hopefully when you ordered your desk you also spent some cash on the dust cover that most manufacturers offer. This cover should keep the dust away from the faders and switches, thus prolonging thier life. But there is one problem with this dust cover – you can not see what it covers. And the problem with that? Well some not so bright person is going to plonk some chunk of hardware on top of the desk. They cannot see that it is a valuble piece of kit. So on top of it they plonk thier laptop, handbag, briefcase – and they don’t put it down gently. You feel and hear the thud. Ah you think I will put a sign on it, sorry this won’t work -the tpye of creature who is going to commit this sin thinks that signs are not there for them to read, other plebs are meant to read them. So a potential solution that I have seen at a venue that I have worked at is a clear plastic it cover. This may not be as sexy as the manufacturers cover with its nice logo, but people can see that there is a piece of expensive technology under it. And if the God of intelligence is smiling that day nothing heavy and nasty will land on top of your lighting desk forcing you to beg, borrow or steal an old desk to keep you going while yours heads home for a service that could hurt the hip pocket.



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