NEWS: Osram to acquire entertainment lighting company Clay Paky


Osram is set to strengthen its position in entertainment lighting and agreed to acquire Clay Paky, a leading maker of entertainment lighting for shows and events. The profitable company from Northern Italy is privately owned and recently generated annual sales of more than €60 million. Its products include so-called moving heads, follow spots and projectors. They are used at live concerts, in theaters and studios as well as in the area of architainment. Both parties agreed not to disclose financial details of the transaction, which is expected to close by the end of the current calendar year. “Clay Paky is a selective addition and improves the position of the specialty lighting business unit in a highly attractive market”, said Wolfgang Dehen, Chief Executive Officer of Osram. The acquisition is subject to approval by the relevant antitrust authorities.
Osram is one of the leading makers of lamps and LED-based (Solid State Lighting – SSL) components for the entertainment industry. With the planned acquisition of Clay Paky, Osram will take over a well-respected entertainment lighting brand and push forward its value-driven strategy of technology and innovation. The innovation-driven entertainment lighting market is very attractive, with mid-single digit percentage growth rates. Clay Paky will be part of Osram’s Specialty Lighting business unit, which comprises the company’s automotive lighting as well as the display and optics activities.

“The combination of Osram and Clay Paky will form a leading professional entertainment lighting systems provider with a strong expertise in SSL technologies such as LED and laser light”, said Hans-Joachim Schwabe, CEO of Osram Specialty Lighting.

Clay Paky, founded in 1976, has more than 100 employees and is known for innovative products in the industry. Osram therefore plans to keep the Clay Paky brand due to its outstanding reputation in the international entertainment sector and to maintain the company’s independence to a large extent in day-to-day business. Notable artists and establishments trust in Clay Paky products – examples can be found at

FROM CX: Counterfeit JBL Ring Melbourne firm under investigation

Thanks to a Facebook page “Knock Off Entertainment Gear Australia Alerts” and some dedicated people in the industry it seems that action is being taken against counterfeit gear and their suppliers in Australia. Julius at the CX Network has allowed people to share the following story. May this be the start of more to come. Too many people are being conned through buying on eBay or gumtree what they believe are genuine products. We all need to be alert when buying gear.

The Darebin Crime Investigation Unit are investigating a Preston based company accused of selling counterfeit JBL SRX and VRX products. JBL Manufacturer Harman International of Stamford Connecticut hired a trade mark investigator recently after Jands, the authorised JBL agent in Australia, detected fake products in the market.

Jands received complaints from users who had purchased the goods from various entities that seem to be one organised gang, led by a Kosta Sivov. The entities used include Hoblos Pty Ltd and Proline Productions. Hoblos is now under external administration, with a long list of goods under finance now subject to resale.

Amongst the goods listed as belonging to Proline, which include various vehicles, are a number of ‘JBL’ VRX932LA , VRX918S, SRX725, and SRX712M. The serial numbers listed are not genuine JBL numbers. The lease company Pepper Australia Pty Ltd have not responded to CX by presstime, so it is not known where these goods are. Seized goods are usually sold off. A list of serial numbers is on the Knock Off Entertainment Gear Australia FaceBook Group.

Various other parties are named in association with the sold and shipped fake JBL, but it not yet clear whether they were duped or are part of the gang.

Proline Productions directors were Vasco Jovanovski (aged 47) from Preston, and Elizabetha Nedanoska-Josifovska (aged 43) from Thomastown. It is not known whether they had knowledge of the company’s activities, and CX does not suggest they have done anything illegal.

CX spoke to two victims who purchased fake JBL from Kosta Sivov or from companies related or tied to him.

Kosta Sivov

Corey Boyd of the Hunter Valley region of NSW purchased a pair of SRX725 along with SRX728S subs.

“They cost $6000 delivered”, Corey told CX. Alarm bells rang when he picked them up from the transport co.

“I thought, gee these are heavy for JBLs, and when I looked closer, I saw the handles were ordinary. I took the Speakon plate off and saw no name speakers with big heavy drivers not Neodymium. The subs were over 100kg each.”

Corey wasn’t stupid, he flew to meet Kosta Sivov at ProLine Productoons, and went into the store to have a look at the speakers first. “I did ask if they were fakes, he said no way. Alarm bells were ringing but I ignored them. There were fake Nexo PS10’s in that store.”

Justin Myers of Toowoomba QLD purchased 6 x SRX712M and as soon as they arrived he smelled a rat. He will not use them, like Corey he does not want to misrepresent JBL on his professional gigs.

“I took one of the pole mounts out and realized I’d been had. I’d wasted $5,000.
They’re not real good, I haven’t used them on a job. They’re not even the same – it’s like there’s two different batches of knock offs, the wedge angles are slightly different”.

Other known fakes include SRX728S and VRX932LA. Some counterfeit EON products have been seized, but these are not known to be connected to Kosta Sivov.

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From the Allen & Heath website. This is worth watching, I think this might be a sign of things coming. Maybe we might get a standard file format therefore be able to move shows between desks. also if you look at the combined knowledge that these companies have we should see some amazing things come out of the union.

The DiGiCo team has spent the last 18 months consulting with Electra Partners about the possible combination of both Allen & Heath and Calrec with the DiGiCo family. The culmination of this brings together three British console companies to create a new professional audio group, while retaining their unique skills, customer relationships and the identities of each brand.

James Gordon will become Group CEO supported by a strong and talented management from across the new group. When asked about what this means for the future, James said:

“We have bold plans for the group but it is imperative that each company maintains its own independence and style. None of these brands needs to trade off each other’s technology or reputation.”

“These are three great companies and all the brands currently in the group have enviable reputations for technology, audio quality, reliability and perhaps, most importantly, customer focus and care. The strategy is to share technology and resource across the group and allow some interconnectivity across the product lines.”

“The combined R&D teams are about to enter a new world of possibilities and we intend to take full advantage of their resource, passion and experience. It’s an amazing opportunity for us, and just maybe the whole British Pro Audio industry.”

Glenn Rogers, Managing Director of Allen & Heath, added, “The creation of the group with DiGiCo and their management is an impressive combination. It will certainly add new momentum to what Allen & Heath and Calrec had already planned for the future.”

Henry Goodman, Calrec’s Sales and Marketing Director, commented that “This exciting formation gives Calrec new opportunities for swifter development of a host of ideas we have been wanting to bring to the market. We will have a vast pool of engineers to share new ideas for the industry and target them specifically to each brand’s needs. Customers can expect us to maintain and in some areas improve our very high levels of support and service.”

The complexity of this combination required the effort and support of two of London’s top Private Equity houses. For the first time, Electra Partners and ISIS have pooled resources to support the management with this ambitious vision for the future of UK Pro Audio. Charles Elkington, Investment Partner at Electra Partners, said:

“DiGiCo augments our existing investment in the professional audio sector. We have worked hard over the last 18 months to bring together these three successful businesses. We look forward to working with James Gordon and his team to grow the group, while also preserving the distinctive brand identity and excellent customer relationships of each business.”


Safety Guidelines for Live Entertainment and Events Update

This is one of the seminars that I attended at the recent Entech Connect held in Melbourne in July 2014. It is great to see that the industry is working hard on getting a set of guideline together for our industry. They have achieved a hell of a lot in the last couple of years and soon we will see fruition of some of their work at the end of August if the pieces all fall into place. The lead organisation is  Live Performance Australia, and they are working with a variety of people across our industry putting together in what is a complex task a series of hazard guides. These hazards include: rigging, electricity, chemicals, heights etc to name a few.

Now the purpose of this update was to let folks know that they have completed five guides so far. These being Rigging, Chemicals, Electricity, General operational and height. They are currently have another seven in development.

These guides place a stronger emphasis on hazard identification and risk management, in line with the new legislation. Connections are made with legislation, the codes of practice, Current Australian and NZ standards and also with consultation with related industries. They is a strong emphasis placed on consulting the folks doing the work and strengthening the skills of workers, accredited training and licensing.

Each guide will have 3 sections, the first part outlining the regulatory framework, duty holders and responsibilities, enforcement, how to manage compliance, communication, consulting, competency and training. Part two covers, hazard identification and risk management, principles of risk management, risk assessments inc. template, understanding hazards, event hazard checklist, safe work method statements including a template.  Part three will be the hazard guide for the area that the hazard may occur, such as rigging or lighting.

The purpose of the guides is to assist the venue technician,event organisers to assess the a situation. These guides build on to the legislation and current codes of practice. In fact it could be  best practice, they are based on what is already there but are written in a way an event practitioner can understand and therefore assess their show or event and do it in the safest possible way.

It is great to see the industry take the bull by the horns and come up with guidelines with consultation of the industry So much better than the government stepping in heavy-hand and stomping over our industry because we were slack.  The government does not understand our industry and the first time we have a major incident they would clamp down on us. This way we are having a set of “best practice” type documents outlined that will give us guidance and make us think twice before doing something dangerous. Being proactive is going to save lives. It will get us to examine how we go about tasks and if we don’t know how it will hopefully encourage us to ask an industry professional how to.

I am, and I am sure plenty of others, are looking forward to the next step in this process. I like to go home to my loved ones at the end of a shift.

Entech Connect 2014

On a chilly Melbourne morning I wandered over to the Royal Exhibition Hall to have a look at my first Entech Connect. While smaller than the Entech show in Sydney there were a good range of equipment to look at and listen to. There are also a wide range of education sessions and seminars for all to attend. But networking seems to be the name of the game, I was one of those meeting and greeting folks that I have had known for a while. So it is great to chat with like minded folk over the latest lighting or audio piece of equipment. I will right more about a couple that caught my eye in a later article.  The seminars are very relevant and give people a chance to see what is coming and the future of our industry. The culture of safety also was one of the main topics of discussion and it is great to see our industry taking a mature attitude to making sure we do it right and everybody gets to go home in one piece. This will be also a topic of a later blog post. So if you happen to be in Melbourne it is well worth visiting. I will be returning on the second day to continue were I had left off with the networking and attending more interesting seminars.

Below are some photos from the first day of the event.

Pre trade show ramble

Entech Connect 2012 new

What do you look for in a trade show?
Are you there to network or is all the equipment that is on show just techie porn. There are several reasons to attend trade shows. I am going to the Entech Connect trade show to attend some education sessions and report on some of the gear that is on show, and maybe catch up with distant mates and Facebook friends. But others maybe there to look at what is new and maybe spend up big. It is also a great way to network with suppliers, other service providers and possibly with new customers. Everybody is wanting to make a good impression, make good deals and go home with more knowledge than when they arrived.There are some that take it all very seriously, but to me it is time to relax and enjoy to new gear, the information. Make new friends, network, talk to people about your tech problems and how you overcame them. Share your knowledge with new and old alike. Listen to what others have to say, you may find a solution for your tech problems.

So see you there.


The Battle between LED and Traditional lamps

logo45 copy

The battle between LED Vs Traditional lamped wash lights starts at ENTECH CONNECT with the MAC QUANTUM

ENTECH CONNECT will officially host the Australian Premier of Martin’s Quantum Wash spot at the Royal Exhibition Building in Melbourne between the 23-24 July.

Show Technology teased the Australian market earlier this year with what they could expect to see and are now ready to fully showcase the full production version of the Martin’s Quantum Wash and believe it’ll raise a few questions as well.

Mark McInnes, Show Technology’s Sales & Marketing manager said “The MAC QUANTUM wash is super bright, using a massive 750Watts of LED power, yet it maintains a very flat field and can punch way above its weight in the LED Vs Traditional lamped wash output power battle. Does this fixture spell the end to all large ‘lamped’ wash lights..? You be the judge”.

ENTECH CONNECT Event Manager Stephen Dallimore commented “We are very excited for the lighting community this year, as there is so much for them to see in Melbourne next week, perhaps more than any ENTECH show before.

“Lots of people within the industry have been asking us to see the mighty MAC QUANTUM and now we can all finally see what all the fuss is about. With such a large group of our customers and end users based in Melbourne and Victoria ENTECH CONNECT is a great resource for us. I urge all in the industry to clear their diaries and to come and see the best of the best at the Royal Exhibition Building this coming Wednesday and Thursday” added Mark.


To be one of the first people to see the full production of Martin’s Quantum wash in Australia, please register free at . Visit the Show Technology / Martin on Stand C18 to see the full range and meet the team”.

MAC quantum